We offer our customers wide range of premium quality products in bulk or packaged branded forms. We now operate with the reliable agricultural producers network from East Asia to Africa and Europe. We may organize to supply those food with packaging your own brandmark.

1- Wheat and Legumes (Beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Sesame seed etc.)

Different types of wheat and durum wheat, or processed wheat like flour may be supplied. Also, legumes are traded and here only the most traded kinds of them are written.

2- Olive and Olive Oil

Our portfolio contains many different types of olives and olive oil with every quality levels. Bulk and packaged options are possible. Our main suppliers are the countries in the Mediterranean basin on Olive especially Turkey.

3- Sunflower Oil

Bulk and packaged sunflower oil is provided from all over the world.

4- Chicken Products

All kinds of grade A chicken meat, processed chicken meats, normal eggs, breeding eggs or chicken feed are available. All of our producers in Turkey have Halal Certificates.

We organize reliable suppliers and design solutions for each request

Perfect solutions for trade related financial issues