We are presenting some big mineral and ore supplier from Turkey. For listed product and minerals you can contact with us directly.

1- Copper Cathode (99.99%) & Copper Scrap (>99.95%)

We are currently able to supply copper products with very competitive prices and up to 20 thousand MT or more on a monthly basis from DRC, Zambia, Dubai (WHS), India and Uzbekistan. Copper cathode commodity is Electrolytic Grade (A) and Non-Registered LME.

2- Iron Ore

Currently there are around 500 thousand tons of iron ore ready for shipment. If requested, we can give 100 thousand tons of iron ore each month.

3- Bauxite

Currently, there are 300 thousand tons of ready-made bauxite ore produced.

4- Aluminum Carbonate

There are 3.000 tons of aluminum Carbonate ready.

5- Silicon

There are 10.000 tons ready .

6- Dolomite

Dolomite[CaMg(CO3)2] is a type of limestone with pure neutral white colour.

7- Natural Black Basalt

We can supply natural black basalt according to your requirements, like size and amount instantly.

We organize reliable suppliers and design solutions for each request

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